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100% Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Unlike regular matcha that you find in stores, our matcha powder is pure premium Ceremonial Grade from Uji, Kyoto.

Traditionally in Japan, matcha was only consumed with water as a tea using the highest quality green tea powder which they consider Ceremonial Grade.

Unlike traditionally steeped green tea, matcha contains 137x more antioxidants and only half the caffeine of coffee!

Created for tea drinking, lattes, smoothies… everything!

Bake It. Shake It. Drink It.

Matcha Sisters birthed from the idea of raising awareness to stop human trafficking. Our vision was to start a business that would not only contribute to better health but to also give back to a meaningful cause that advocates against women and children being trafficked as modern day slaves.

Fun Facts:



Ceremonial grade is the highest quality matcha powder that’s best for tea drinking.
Grown in the shade and ground into a powder. We’ve tested to bring you the most premium quality matcha.



Did you know that every 30 seconds someone becomes a victim of modern day slavery?
Matcha Sisters birthed from the vision of stopping human trafficking.



The nutrients of 1 cup of matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea, and half the caffeine of coffee.
Great for more energy, focus, weight loss and boosting your immune system.

Tea That Gives Back

We have partnered up with Abolishion and Hagar Australia to support their mission to abolish modern day slavery and help restore to wholeness the lives of rescued victims of human trafficking.


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